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Sod Installations, Greenville, SC Today, homeowners everywhere are looking to beautify the outdoor spaces on their properties. We, as one of the leading landscapers in the upstate of SC have a number of requests for the installation of outdoor features and complete landscaping. Lawns are a very important part of landscaping and these areas add to the freshness and beauty of the space. But lawns can take a very long time to grow to a satisfactory height and the best option to have a quick installation is to use sod.

The Instant Option

Today, this has become the preferred option for turf installation as it is a more “instant” option. Sod is essentially grass that is available in rolls and has already been grown to a particular point. It can also be very conveniently cut and installed on any size of the lawn in a very easy and fast manner. We at Landcore Landscape Construction & Design use the highest-quality sod that has been acquired from the best nurseries in the region.

Many Advantages

We may carry out the installation either in rolls or squares and you also have the option to choose the type of grass you want. Take a look at the advantages of sod installation:

  • A sod lawn looks amazing soon after installation and you do not have to wait for months to get that patch of green on the landscaping

  • Since a sod lawn is well set in the base at the point of installation and is already growing, it is able to fight the growth of weeds in a much better way in comparison to one that is grown via seeding

  • It tends to root into the soil much faster than a seeded lawn. This is because when you grow a lawn with seed, the climate and other conditions have to be just right for it to grow well and at a good pace

  • Some people, who are looking for a fast lawn option, choose artificial turf. But that does not provide a natural feel and sod installation gives you a natural turf in the shortest possible time

Perfect Installation

Sod We have been designing and installing the best landscapes for customers across the region and use sod very successfully in all our projects. We handle the work to perfection and ensure that the sod has set in well in the landscaping. The one way to ensure that your landscape stays looking green and fresh is to have a patch or two of lawn on it and sod installation is the best way to get the effect you want, very quickly.

Since we have vast experience with landscaping, while we are installing the sod, we also check if the irrigation and drainage system is suitable for it and make suggestions and can handle that installation if required too. For one of the best sod installations in and around Upstate South Carolina, contact Landcore Landscape Construction & Design at 864-313-5516.

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