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Earth Retaining Wall Structures

Earth Retaining Wall Structures, Greenville SC There are certain properties in and around Upstate South Carolina that have graded or sloping land and this also leads to soil erosion. Some landscaping projects to be installed, require certain sections of the land to be leveled for the installation of driveways, pathways and steps.

This leaves the surrounding soil without any support and it can collapse onto the driveway and damage the landscaping and be harmful to the structure of your house as well. In order to avoid these kinds of issues, Landcore Landscape Construction & Design can construct retaining structures on your property. We can build well-engineered retaining walls that add stability to the landscape and help in retaining soil and rocks.

Retaining Walls: A Matter of Good Measure

If your property has graded land and you want to ensure that it is safe and stable for use, contact us for a quote. We will come out to your location and survey the land very carefully. Based on the specific layout and your requirement as well as your budget, we will then provide you with customized earth-retaining structure options. The different factors we take into account while installing these structures are the wall:

  • Sizes
  • Depth
  • Height
  • Width
  • Surrounding Ground Pressure

Types of Retaining Walls

We have to measure the inclination of the slope and then design walls that have the right balance and stabilization. We use the best materials in the work and all our installers are highly skilled and experienced at their job. This means that the work is carried out to perfection, in the shortest possible time. The different types of earth-retaining structures options are:

Earth Retaining Wall Structures, Simpsonville SC
  • Gravity Walls - These are small, half-height walls and are used in spaces where the slope is not very steep. The bases of these earth-retaining structures are much broader than the top and they lean towards the slope and a lot of material is used in their construction. These walls are not suitable for taller slopes

  • Cantilever Retaining Walls - These walls have a single layer and a uniform thickness. Their base is also firmly connected to a strong slab and can hold a lot of earth. They are also able to hold taller slopes. The structure of these walls is slightly complex

  • Sheet Pile Retaining Walls - These are also referred to as piling retaining walls and are constructed on soft soil or in spaces where there are insufficient places for wider barriers

  • Anchored Retaining Walls - These are like the standard piling retaining walls but have cables that are anchored into the ground around them. These walls are able to support heavy loads

As you can see, there are a number of earth-retaining structures that can be used in landscaping to add to its stability and safety. When you come to Landcore Landscape Construction & Design, you know you are getting the best services, the best materials and exemplary customer service. You can contact us at 864-313-5516 with your requirement.

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