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At Landcore Landscape Construction & Design we provide the following services to our clients:

Our Services

Landscape Design & Build

It is our goal to provide you with the best design/build services for your residential or commercial property. Whether it is landscaping or hardscaping, our teams of landscape designers and contractors are experienced and professional. We are the right company for the job! Read More About Landscape Design & Build »

Concrete Paver Applications

The benefits of using concrete pavers for your hardscaping features include easy installation, aesthetic appeal, durability, longevity, low maintenance and simple repairs. Read More About Concrete Paver Applications »

Comprehensive Landscapes

When we talk about comprehensive landscapes we are talking about a landscape setting that is balanced throughout all the elements, giving it a sense of flow and unison. If this sounds like the type of landscape you are after then contact us today. Read More About Comprehensive Landscapes »

Hardscapes Grading

We know how crucial it is to have correctly graded hardscape elements on your property to avoid drainage problems and erosion. We have the know-how and tools to grade any hardscape feature to perfection, whether it's a patio, sidewalk, retaining wall, or anything else. The term "grading" refers to modifying the land to improve drainage and create a slope away from the property. This is essential for keeping your hardscape elements in good shape and preventing water damage and soil erosion. To ensure proper drainage, our crew uses high-tech machinery to grade the land to the exact degree. Top-notch grading services for our customers, so their hardscape elements last for years to come and never lose their beauty, functionality, or safety. Hence, whether you're looking for grading for an already-existing hardscape or as part of a brand-new installation, we can help you realize your concept and vision. Read More About Hardscapes Grading »

Irrigation & Sprinklers

The best way to ensure that your landscapes, lawns, plants, trees and shrubs are getting the right amount of water is to install an irrigation system. We can help you get the best system for your property. Read More About Irrigation & Sprinklers »


If you want to have an instant new lawn rather than waiting months for seedlings to grow, then perhaps sod is the answer for you? Sod is basically grass that has been grown and is sold in rolls, giving you the option to have a new lawn in no time. Read More About Sod »

Stone Masonry

Hardscaping is where stone masonry shines in landscape construction. It may improve the use of outdoor areas while also adding visual appeal to a landscape. Stone masonry is an ageless art that will survive the test of time and extreme climates. We have a wide selection of stone masonry elements that can add style and utility to any outdoor space. We provide various individualized services, such as constructing retaining walls, patios, walks, and fire pits. We use premium materials and offer creative direction during the design phase to guarantee that our installations are perfect. Installations by our skilled stone masons are long-lasting and of the highest quality. We will work with you to ensure you get the best stone masonry structures for your landscape, garden, or yard. Our company can handle projects of any shape and size, and we work on new landscapes and upgrades of existing ones. Read More About Stone Masonry »

Earth Retaining Structures

When it comes to the addition of an earth-retaining structure like a retaining wall it is really important to meet all local standards and codes. This is particularly so when you are building a tall wall. Let a professional company like ours take all the hassle out of constructing a retaining wall for you. Read More About Earth Retaining Structures »

Boulder Walls, Steps & Accent Stone

We love to use natural stone products for they always add to the appeal of any property. Our contractors can design and build your boulder walls, steps and accent stone features with premium craftsmanship. Read More About Boulder Walls, Steps & Accent Stone »

Fireplace & Fire Pits

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to spend more time outdoors during the cooler months of the year? The inclusion of a fireplace or fire pit in your outdoor living area will make this possible and so cozy! Read More About Fireplace & Fire Pits »

Water Features

We will work directly with you to design and build water features that are tailored to your needs. We can transform landscapes and yards into works of art with the help of our water features. Adding water elements to your landscaping will enhance its visual appeal and make your home more marketable. These elements are designed to complement their surroundings. Koi ponds, water features, stone fountains, streams, etc. may all be built with our help. The water features we create and install for you will enhance your yard's aesthetic and last decades. When the time comes to switch out your backyard's current water feature, we're here to assist you. Our company can help you develop beautiful outdoor spaces for your home or business, regardless of your specific needs. We use high-quality materials in our work so that these features last long and stay durable while being functional and attractive. Read More About Water Features »

Landscape Lighting

Wouldn’t it be nice to showcase your landscape setting at night as well as during the day? Our professionals will work with you to create a landscape lighting scheme that not only adds appeal but also security and safety! Read More About Landscape Lighting »

English Gardens

The hallmark of English cottage gardens is their exuberant personality, characterized by beds overflowing with riotous colors. The flora sparkles with vibrant hues, from roses to delphiniums, foxgloves to hollyhocks. Despite the seemingly disorganized appearance, charming picket fencing, stone paths, and elegant trellises bring a sense of structure to the botanical chaos. In these gardens, informality is key in the design, with plants nudging and jostling one another to steal the spotlight. English country gardens are another defined style you can choose; they are orderly and charming all at once. Neatly trimmed hedges, crisply defined bed edges and healthy expanses of lush green lawns contribute to the ideal ambiance of these gardens. They can be effortlessly adapted to any yard size. We are well-versed in all these various English garden styles and work with you to plan and create the best outdoor spaces on your property. We offer you excellent value with high-quality installations. Read More About English Gardens »

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