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Boulder Walls, Steps & Accent Stone

Boulder Walls, Steps & Accent Stone, Travelers Rest SC Boulder Walls are one of the oldest and most long-lasting types of retaining walls that are made of natural stone. These are typically made of fieldstone boulders which are very common in a number of states in the U.S. They are simple, sturdy, easy and fast to install and are one of the most cost-effective retaining walls.

The per/sq.ft. cost is considerably lower than expensive quarried stones/modular blocks. These retaining walls offer a rustic and natural look that fits in very well with all types of landscapes. Interestingly, it also complements the look of different architectural styles.

For all Types of Landscaping

Regardless of whether you have a formal or casual-looking landscape, boulder walls look very attractive and add to the allure of the surroundings. What probably makes them even more attractive is the fact that they are very long-lasting and you will not have to worry too much about maintenance either. You will rarely find any other material that is used to make retaining walls that will last for such a long time.

Though it is not very easy to work with very large boulders, since there are a lot of advances in the kind of equipment that is used in landscaping, the job has now become much easier. These walls are also cost-effective because we do not have to install a compacted base under them. It also takes around 50% less labor to install boulder walls. These walls serve the same purpose as any other retaining wall and add stability to graded land. They also prevent soil erosion and add beauty to the space.

Adding Perspective with Steps

Boulder Walls, Steps & Accent Stone, Marietta, SC In addition to these, if you have graded the land and want to maintain a certain part of the grading for added perspective, the experts at Landcore Landscape Construction & Design can add stone steps to the landscaping. Steps have a way of sharpening the look of the garden or yard and can be added at any point where there is a slope. If required, we can build steps while we are installing the boulder walls.

When we are installing steps we ensure that every step has the required compacted sand base and that it is leveled with gravel. We can build the kind of steps that will complement the boulder walls and add to the attractiveness of the landscaping. When you have so many natural stone elements in the landscaping, you might also want to add some accent stone effects to other areas of the landscaping or outdoor feature like kitchens, patios or decks.

The Natural Look

We can help you with these as well. We know that you want your home and the surrounding spaces to look and feel unique and can provide you with the kind of accent stone you require and they can be used to clad:

  • Fireplaces
  • Hearths
  • Surrounds
  • Mantels
  • Walls and columns
  • Landscape boulders
  • Retaining walls
  • Fire pit Surrounds
  • Stair treads

And so, if you are a homeowner who likes the natural look of stone we at Landcore Landscape Construction & Design can provide you with the Boulder Walls, Steps and Accent Stone you need in and around Upstate South Carolina. Contact us with your requirement at 864-313-5516.

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