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Irrigation & Sprinklers

Sprinklers, Simpsonville, SC Landscape design incorporates a number of elements. There are trees, plants and shrubs which are a part of the softscaping and there are lawns. The masonry is a part of hardscaping and the rest of the elements like water features, lighting etc are also added to create a whole that is well-balanced and beautiful. But there are certain other aspects that are also a very important part of the landscaping, but not always easily visible and irrigation is one of them.

Can you imagine a landscape without an irrigation system? Not really. Today, most homeowners are too busy to spend too much time on landscape maintenance or even watering their gardens and yards. This makes it crucial to have a customized watering system in place. Though you can opt for a manual one, if you want to reduce the amount of labor and time that you spend on the landscape, it is best to opt for automated systems- and today, there is no dearth of these systems in the market.

Perfect Irrigation Solutions

But it is also crucial to have an expert landscape designer design the perfect irrigation system based on the kind of plants and trees you have on your property. If we have handled the entire landscape design work for you, we make it a point to design and install the best system while the work is in progress.

But we have also installed these systems for a number of customers across Upstate South Carolina and the surrounding areas in their existing landscapes. Though the latter becomes a more complicated job, it is something we handle to perfection. Regardless of the size of your garden or yard, irrigation is an all-important factor and no garden can be healthy unless it has the proper watering system.

Irrigation, Greenville, SC

Important Factors

When Landcore Landscape Construction & Design is designing these systems for you, we take a number of factors into consideration such as:

  • Grading of the land
  • The kinds of trees and plants on your property
  • The watering requirements of all the plants
  • Your choice of irrigation system- manual/ automatic

Contact the Experts

We handle projects of every scale and complexity and make sure that the system that has been installed serves the purpose of perfection. We install a combination of drip hoses and automated sprinkler systems and this ensures your plantings stay healthy and fresh all year round. In addition to this, we provide you with comprehensive maintenance packages and check if everything is working the way it should and also do regular backflow testing. This helps in ensuring that all the pipes and pumps are in working condition.

If you need an irrigation system installed anywhere in the upstate, SC, contact Landcore Landscape Construction & Design today. One of our representatives will come out to your location, survey your property and provide you with a customized solution and detailed quote. If you want the work to be carried out in stages, we can do that for you. Contact us with your requirement today.

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