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Concrete Paver Applications

Concrete Paver Applications, Greenville SC If you are thinking of refurbishing/remodeling your deck, walkway, pathways, patio or driveway, you are sure to have looked at a number of different options in terms of materials. Though stamped concrete is a good option, we can also provide you with the option of using concrete pavers for these spaces.

Pavers are a very versatile material, they look amazingly attractive and add dimension to any landscape. Concrete pavers are especially a very good option that can be used in almost any outdoor space. We at Landcore Landscape Construction & Design create beautiful spaces with interlocking pavers. Not only do they look good, but they are highly functional too.

The Benefits of Concrete Pavers

Take a look at why these pavers are an excellent option in so many different applications:

  • Durability - They have an extremely high load-bearing capacity when you compare them to a concrete slab and they are very durable and strong. Asphalt deteriorates over time and gravel shifts and is not a permanent option. In comparison, well-installed concrete pavers can last literally for a lifetime in outdoor as well as semi-outdoor spaces

  • Flexibility - These pavers are essentially individual interlocking units and offer a lot of flexibility in terms of the designs as well as resilience. Since they are not a single installation, they do not crack and there are no chances of distortion or cracking. This makes the material very long-lasting

  • Maintenance - Concrete pavers are very low-maintenance and simple power-washing or steam washing is more than enough to keep them looking clean. When we install these pavers for you, we seal them well and this adds to their longevity and they will not fade or look dull easily

  • Repair - They are strong and durable but in case there is any kind of damage, they are easy to repair. Again this is due to the fact that they are individual units and the pieces that are damaged can simply be removed and replaced with new ones. In comparison, if you have stamped concrete flooring and it cracks, you will have to get it resurfaced and finished, which can be a very expensive proposition

  • Aesthetics - Apart from all the benefits that have just been discussed, concrete pavers look very attractive and enhance the aesthetics of your home and the landscaping. They are also available in a number of design and color options and your home will always look unique and beautiful when you use them

The Perfect Paver Choice

It’s obvious that homeowners across Upstate South Carolina and the surrounding areas opt to use concrete pavers in the landscaping and outdoor spaces on their property, due to the range of benefits that they offer. But it is important that the installation of these pavers be perfect and when Landcore Landscape Construction & Design handles the work for you, you know that it will be completed to your satisfaction. For the best materials and installation, contact us at 864-313-5516.

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