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English Gardens

Our company is known in South Carolina for our creativity and unique approach to landscaping. We focus on creating custom landscapes and gardens that speak highly of our clients’ personality and design preferences. This approach always results in outstanding creations that make our clients’ properties standout. From designing beautiful English gardens to installing various landscape features and amenities, we have the expertise to work on such tasks.

Call us now or visit us at Mauldin, SC so we can discuss with you some of the great design options for your outdoor area. If you are still undecided on what type of feature to include or what theme to adopt for your landscape, let us help you. One of the popular options that we offer to clients is creating English gardens for their landscapes. This garden theme is becoming popular for its unique charm and tranquility.

Why Choose English Gardens?

English gardens have unique characteristics that you can't find in traditional gardens or landscapes. They can effectively make an outdoor area attractive and interesting with the systematic and creative combination of various landscape elements. An English garden can also be used as a focal point in any type of landscape - residential or commercial.

And here at Landcore Landscape Construction & Design LLC, we have experienced people who can create for you stunning English gardens. Our design and installation crews know how to use the various design elements to achieve the natural look and the unique ambiance of an English garden. When you hire us for this task, we will survey your area to determine the right design elements to use. If you want nicely clipped boxwood hedges, blooming flowerbeds that change color every season, and stone walkways around the garden area, we can achieve them for you.

The Right Elements for Awesome English Gardens

Creating an English garden is like an artwork. You have to be creative and knowledgeable about the design principles to achieve the authentic look of an English style garden. If you opt to hire a professional landscaper, you must look for an experienced contractor that can build for you one-of-a-kind gardens. By hiring the services of professional landscapers like us at Landcore Landscape Construction & Design LLC, you are assured of gorgeously designed English gardens that will not only make your property standout but also provide new areas for rest and relaxation.

Meanwhile, here are the elements that we include in our English garden designs:

  • Perennials. We can create the perfect garden that changes color every season with these plantings. We usually include Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Phlox, Bee balm, Veronica, Tulip, and Lupine.

  • Annuals. These types of plantings are great additions to English gardens. They bloom longer than perennials and quite effective in creating focal areas. Our top choices include Marigolds, Pansies, and Cosmos.

  • Roses. Their appearance and fragrance add endless depth to a garden. We can allow them to climb along trellises or prune them to your desired shape and height.

  • Shrubs. We can form interesting garden rooms by installing different types of shrubs. They can be pruned according to your preferred shape.

We will complete your English-styled garden with other exciting outdoor add-ons such as garden furniture, statues, and water features. We can also install arbors and trellises for your vines such as clematis or roses.

Call us today at 864-313-5516 and let us make your landscape more attractive with our excellently designed English gardens.

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